To Do List

It’s 11:00 am and I’m feeling like I’m falling behind already. Except, that when I wrote it down, it didn’t look so bad. Can’t shake the feeling, though. The ADHD filter through which I view my life and its accomplishments sometimes lies to me. So, check this out and see what you think.

I got up at 6:00 and got dressed and made myself tea and an English muffin.

I put sloppy lentils in the slow cooker and made the dough for the dinner rolls, which is now rising.

I also made English muffin dough, a new recipe, because I’m trying to perfect homemade English muffins. Why? No reason. It’s my newest hyperfocus/hobby.

I attended to all my social media accounts. Facebook, both private and my professional page, Twitter, and Instagram. This consists of scrolling and liking and engaging with other accounts, posting something with appropriate hashtags, looking for new people to follow. All of this is in service of building a readership. Except for the private Facebook account, which is for me to keep up with friends. I’m going to be adding TikTok soon, making videos about reading, writing, and the English language.

I still need to finish the English muffins and the dinner rolls, vacuum the house, go for a walk or a bike ride (or both), make a side dish for the dinner, and read for at least two hours.

Even if each of the above things took me an hour, I’d be done by 6:00 pm.

So, I’m not lagging behind. I’m fine.

If only I could convince my brain of that.

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