Speed Blogging: Seven Blog Posts in One

You’ve heard of speed dating? This is speed blogging. I just spent half an hour going through lists of blog post ideas and none of them seemed like something I could write a blog post about. A lot of them were worth a sarcastic comment, though. So, without further ado, here are seven blog post ideas and my immediate reactions to them.

(Before I carry on, I’d like to point you to a short story I wrote that takes place during a speed dating event. It’s the story of a meet cute.)

Good Answer is one of about 30 short stories on my website. Check the pull down menu above.

Blog Post Idea #1 – Show what’s in your bag, your fridge, your wardrobe, your book shelf.

In the order listed: at least ten pens and 37 linty mints; at least seven kinds of mold; at least one outfit I’ve never worn and one outfit I am loath to throw out even thought it doesn’t fit me anymore; I don’t understand the singular of book shelf. Isn’t that like one scissor or a singular potato chip? I have book shelves. Plural. In every room of my house.

Blog Post Idea #2 – Share your life hacks

Don’t match your socks. It’s a waste of time and money. Breakfast is a perfectly good dinner.

Blog Post Idea #3 – How I beat procrastination and meet deadlines.

I don’t.

Blog Post Idea #4 – Talk about your fitness routine

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (I walk my dog.)

Blog Post Idea #5 – Favorite hide out or hang out

I don’t hang out. I don’t much leave the house these days. I have an office. It has a desk, a chair with a good reading light, and a bed. What more could I want?

Blog Post Idea #6 – Best goal-setting planners

I love planners. I buy one every year with the best of intentions. I use it sporadically. The ones I buy are always beautiful and often are useful, even if I don’t use them with the regularity one should.

Blog Post Idea #7 – What am I passionate about?

Passion is overrated. I’m not passionate. I’m curious. I want to know stuff and do stuff. Passion burns hot and often burns out. Curiosity lasts.

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