I probably shouldn’t admit this so early in our relationship, but I hate summer. I think it’s the worst season.

It’s hot. It’s way too sunny. It’s hot. It’s hard to get any work done because it’s too friggin’ hot!

The only good thing about summer is the fruit. I like stone fruit. I like berries. For my morning snack today I had peaches and blueberries with a plop of cottage cheese on top. Yummy. I would have used vanilla yogurt, but I didn’t have any. And I would have used raspberries instead of blueberries to make it a real peach melba taste sensation, but the raspberries went bad faster than I had anticipated and I discovered they had mold on them because it’s so HOT!

I like weather where you have to wear a little sweater. A cardigan. A hoodie.

I like walking in the woods when the leaves are changing, although I haven’t lived in New England for over 30 years, where the autumn leaves are spectacular. They aren’t bad here, but they aren’t like I remember them being when I was a kid. Was that real or is it nostalgia?

Back to summer, that sneaky devil. It makes you think you love it, but you don’t. Summer is the gaslighter of the seasons.

You think you like summer because when you were a kid you got weeks off school then and the sun went down late and the days seemed endless. But now you’re an adult and you probably have to go to work in uncomfortable clothes and try not to melt while you do your job. And when you sit on your terrace in the evening, you think you’ll just sip wine and watch the sunset, but you don’t stay out there long because as soon as the sun starts to go down, the mosquitos come out.

I like sitting on my terrace in the fall. I put a fire in the portable clay fire pit and wrap myself in a blanket if I need to. I sit in the dusk and watch the starts come out and drink an Irish coffee. So. Much. Better. I’ve even been known to sit out there in winter.

I also like spring. I like rain. I love to watch it out the window or from my covered porch. I like to put on my rain gear and go out and walk in the rain. I will admit here that I like summer rain the best, because you can walk in it without protective clothing. Just stroll along getting soaking wet, but it’s a relief because it’s been so hot.

All of this to say that I only edited my book for a few hours today because it was too warm to think. And it’s going to get worse on the weekend, so I’ll just preemptively whine about it. Wah!

I think it’s time to sit in front of a fan and read a book.

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