Everyone knows the classic grilled cheese is American on soft white bread. But, Maggie and I like to take grilled cheese to another level. Here are some hacks and embellishments for your next grilled cheese.

Options and Extras:

  1. Cook your sandwich on an actual grill or use a grill frying pan. You know, the kind with the ridges on the bottom to give your sandwich authentic grill lines.
  2. Use fancier bread. I know, I know. Soft white sandwich bread is the thing that makes a grilled cheese comfort food. Just like Mom used to make. But, we are not our mothers. Use rye or whole wheat. Use sourdough or multi-grain with sunflower seeds. Heck, use a croissant. Anything goes.
  3. Use multiple types of cheese. Cut them up and lay them in a patchwork or just pile them on each other and make a big, fat sandwich.
  4. The authenticity of the diner-style grilled cheese comes from the fact that it’s pressed while it is grilled. You can buy a professional presser, but there are other ways. I bought an old flat iron at a yard sale and I use that. Works beautifully. You can put a plate on top of your sandwich and weight it down with a can of something from your cupboard. You could also use another skillet on top.
  5. Do you want to make many grilled cheese sandwiches at once? Bake them! 450-degree oven (235 Celsius) for 5 minutes on each side.
  6. Add more than cheese! Try scallions, sliced bell pepper, sliced pimento, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, olive tapenade, sautéed mushrooms, fresh baby spinach.
  7. Go completely fancy-pants! How about chèvre, fig and arugula? Or pepper jack with pickled jalapeño? Try brie or gorgonzola with sliced pear! Seriously. Go nuts. Have fun.